Commercial Work

20+ years of digital experience

I started in the early days of the WWW publishing gaming fansites our family website The gaming websites were an ideal platform to place advertisements on and after starting with a range of advertisers, almost of all whom no longer exist (PennyWeb, ShoutAds, ClickAgents, CommisionJunction etc.). Later on Google AdWords became an ideal partner for the site and their systems to match adverts to the website content paid dividens. Later on I bought the domain name and used that as a base for all gaming fan sites.


I moved on to selling computer components online in the summer 2002 and built a turnover in the thousands in a few months before stopping to attend UEA in September 2002. As I was coming towards the end of my degree studies, I met my wife Monica and thereafter we started a business selling shoes online called Miss Shoes.


From beginnings in a bedroom then garden shed, we acquired our first warehouse in August 2007 on Hellesdon Park Industrial Estate. Over the following 8 years we moved several times before moving to our current 7,000 sq ft fulfillment centre also on Hellesdon Park Industrial Estate.

Strengths and Weaknesses

My strength is primarily in technology whilst in more recent times I have undertaken more management training. I have particular analytical strengths and designed our warehouse managment and logistic systems to handle 100+ orders every day. Our standalone website FYFO has in general been disappointing despite using a number of digital marketing companies over the years.


To gain experience from others outside of the workplace I have had positions as Treasurer of a local community club, Secretary of a school PTA and coordinator of Children’s work in a church.